What a Doozy!

Last night was a complete doozy!

Four nights ago, we put our 6 month old to bed in her crib, in her room. She had been co-sleeping with us since we brought her home.

Well, living in the Southern Arizona sure has surprises once in awhile, scorpions, rattlesnakes, tarantulas and the weather. Yes, it’s hot in the Summer months, but we get a cool down with the monsoons. That also brings a wicked amount of humidity and thunderstorms.

We had our first experience in our new home of a thunderstorm last night. The monsoon rolled in about 5pm, lasted until 4 am this morning roughly. The rain was pouring and the thunder was loud. We also saw the sky light up with lightening strikes that were WAY too close for comfort.

I thought to myself, do I carry on as usual and put the kids to bed in their own rooms or make a bed on the floor for my oldest and let the baby sleep with us?

I carried on, as usual. We need to stick to a routine. It’s only been a few days. The baby will learn about bed time if only we stick to routine.

Our routine consists of nursing, dinner time, bath time and PJS followed by a night time nursing all by 7pm. My husband threw us off a little, over the PJ thing. “I don’t want her too hot” he said. “I don’t want her cold” I replied. So we compromised with PJ pants over a onesie.

I put the little one down, she squirmed and cried for a bit. My husband went in to console her and put her back down. We watched a bit of TV, enjoyed a glass of wine and then went to bed. Man o man was it storming good. I checked on both girls, the little one was asleep and the oldest was playing video games.

A little before 1 am came, the little one woke up and I nursed her and put her back down. I checked on the oldest, since it was still storming and she said she couldn’t fall asleep. Her little dog was keeping her company during the storm and it was a-okay with me.

By 3 am, getting up with the little one again, I took her back to bed with me and we snuggled. She nursed, I listened to the wind whip around some more and finally dozed off myself.

My husband left for work this morning around 6, our little one woke up soon after and we have been going ever since. She isn’t a napper, we haven’t gotten our nap time routine down just now. We will get there, right?!

As I finish typing this, she is in bed for this beautiful Tuesday night. I have been working on this all day, but I haven’t had more than a few minutes here and there.

(Raising my wine glass) Here is to a better night……..