Not so Ready Move in Home

When I hear “New home” I automatically think of a move in ready home. My husband and I were blinded by the pretty granite and large stone tiles on the kitchen floor. The year the house was built was alluring as well. The size of the home seemed perfect, a bit bigger than our rental and bigger than the last house we owned. The house was 4 years old, one owner. An owner who was very creative with their furniture placement… hide stains.

Maybe the stains on the carpet where visible, hell I don’t remember. We viewed so many houses, this was the best lay out, newest house and we don’t have neighbors behind us, which was a nice drawl. The house is in a newer subdivision and we have a park and pool about 7 houses down. Really, it all seemed perfect and being within our budget, we felt this was perfect.

The inspection period came, they were still living here with their strategically placed furniture. In fact they were still here during the inspection (awkward). Nothing came back alarming, few things needed to be fixed or at least addressed. No problem.

Our final walk through came, my husband was ill and I came alone with the baby. Guess what, they were still here, but had moved some of their bulkier furniture. Well, that opened up ground space and wall space….oh my. Sure, we could have backed out at that point, if I wanted to be picky, but see above. Perfect location.

Let me just say, this house was NOT move in ready. They didn’t clean it prior to us getting our keys a month ago. The walls were so dirty. So, so dirty. My husband and I used at LEAST 3 dozen magic erasers on the walls. We have patched and sealed at least 200 nail holes. (Seriously not exaggerating here) We paid someone to clean the carpets professionally and the tile as well. We cleaned as much as we could, in a matter of a week before we started moving our stuff in.

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We attempted to clean the appliances, mainly the stove and oven. OMG! I can’t even explain what was on it. It was like covered in GUNK. We ended up ordering a new stove, matching microwave and a fridge.  The dishwasher has been cleaned and functions well, we will replace that to match the rest of the appliances eventually.

The house needs some paint thrown on the walls and we want to replace the carpet and probably tile work within the next year. The carpet is so worn out on our stairs, it looks bad even after being cleaned professionally.

We’ve been in our new to us house for almost a month. I love this house and the community we live in. I’m glad we chose to move here and purchase a home, even though it needs some love.


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