Make Back to School Shopping Simple

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It’s that time of year! hurry up and finish your Summer plans and get ready to ship your school age kids, back to school! While this is a celebration all in it’s own, it can also be extremely frustrating and expensive.

I have a few tips I use each year to keep our budget on track, while fulfilling all of my student’s needs.

1.) Get a list, make a list or borrow a list from the school. Knowing what your student needs is going to be key to not spending more than you need.

2.) Take your list and do a scavenger hunt in your own house. I sometimes will go back to a store, once they clearance items and purchase popular items and store them away for next year. I often forget all about my purchases the year before once the new school year starts. So I make it a point to look for a stash of supplies I may have stored, or even go through our office and pull out things on her list. I’ve even gone through my student’s room and pulled things from her “craft” pile, which is mostly the school supplies from the previous year, left over on the last day of school.

  • “3 color highlighters of different color” √-GOT IT already
  • “Binder paper” √ – She has two packs leftover from last year!
  • “Ruler” √ – She has a few of these laying around

3.) After doing our own scavenger hunt in the house, I have narrowed down my list of what she really needs. I take this list and I start looking for coupons, extra savings events or my favorite “Cartwheel” offers at Target. In fact, Target is offering $5 off $50 of school supplies if you order online and pick up at your local Target store. (offer valid 07/30 – 8/05)

4.) Make a budget and stick to it! If that means you only have $5 for supplies, ask the teachers what they must have now and what you may put off for another time or ask for some help! Schools often have resources for those in need, don’t be ashamed to ask! Up & Up Notebooks

Once we have all the items on my student’s supply list, I double check to make sure we got what we needed and I stayed in budget. IF I happen to have money left over in our budget, I will then proceed to purchase item’s on the schools “wish list”. If I don’t have enough money left over in my budget, I just won’t get that box of tissue paper. I used to feel bad about this, but honestly, they won’t need 32 boxes of tissue on the first day of school, therefor if I find it in my budget later on in the school year, I will try my best to donate a box of two.

Back to school shopping shouldn’t be so stressful! If you are looking for more savings on clothing for your students check out this Target link for $10 Target gift card when you spend $40 on kid’s clothing! (offer valid 07/30 to 08/05) You can purchase their awesome kids brand Cat & Jack, which has the cutest designs and prints or pick up their affordable uniforms!

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