New Appliances From Lowe’s

I’ve been updating y’all on our move to our new house. It’s so exciting to be homeowners again, I truly feel blessed. With the joys of buying a new home, we’ve faced some ups and downs.

For one, it wasn’t move in ready like we thought we were getting with such a newer home. See previous blog.

Second, it’s been a damn headache to get moved in to the house with two kids and unpack. One of which is an infant and wants nothing more than to be held….all the time. So thankful for my baby-wearing wraps! If I didn’t have this, I would get nothing done!

Well on top of all this chaos, we ordered new appliances. Sure, why not add to the debt and stress we have already with moving.

Like I explained in previous blog, we needed a brand new stove & oven. It was disgusting and literally NOTHING was taking the gunk off the stove. The microwave had a broken handle and chips on the door. We also needed a refrigerator, since we were renting our previous home, we used what was in the home and sold our former refrigerator with our former house, since we didn’t know how long we would be renting before we found a new home.

So I took dimensions and went to work comparing appliances online and then ordered them! I told my husband he had no say whatsoever, since I love to cook and the kitchen is my little oasis. He obliged and has since bitched that I cannot order anything else, while he was installing them, since I ordered them to fit without wiggle room!

I love and hate stainless steal!

I love the look of stainless steal, it is clean looking, industrial looking and it looks like we have a fancy kitchen. I HATE stainless steal too. In order to get that clean look, I literally have to wipe everything down, constantly. Fine, no problem, except this is daily. I’m turning into a fingerprint natzi over here. “Smudge proof” it says. LIES! It’s all sorts of smudgy. I invested in some Stainless Steal cleaner, not sure I need this. According to my mom I should use pledge on my stainless steal products….um no thanks.

We went with GE appliances. I wanted to make sure our investment would last. I’ve never had issues with GE, like I have with other appliance brands. We purchased a GE Profile Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator and I love it! The freezer is on the bottom, which looks nice and really is a great feature for our family. I don’t go into my freezer alot, so having just the items I use from the refrigerator above my waist is awesome, especially when baby wearing and needing a snack or to prep for dinner. We also ordered a new microwave and stove/oven combo. The stove is probably one of the sexiest stoves I have seen. It looks like a smaller version of a commercial stove, which is every cooks desire. Well, at least mine. Here are some pics:

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I’m glad our kitchen looks a bit more sleek and inviting now, it has increased the amount of time I spend in the kitchen and has inspired me to cook more. I do want to change out our dishwasher to match soon, but the fact it is out of my sight lines, I’m okay waiting. We have some other projects to do in our kitchen, including a back splash and painting the walls. I even have a plan to change out the pantry door to something a bit cuter. For now, I am very happy we have new appliances in our kitchen, that not only look nice and clean, they work well!