Our Visit to Reid Park Zoo

Last night my husband and I took our girls to Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, AZ. TEP (Tucson Electric Power) was celebrating 125 years of service, so they offered admission at $1.25 a person and the zoo was open after their usual Summer hours, from 6-8pm.

We decided to take our girls out for the evening, dinner and the zoo, since it was our last Saturday before school starts tomorrow! Plus, $5 to get all four of us into the zoo, was too good to be beat!

Baby girl and a peacock

This was our youngest daughter’s first visit and I made sure we were prepared for pretty much anything! IMG_20170805_182344076

  • Stroller (the big one)
  • Book for her entertainment (aka chewing)
  • Sippy Cup
  • Bottles, water & formula
  • Snacks
  • Light blanket
  • Change of clothes
  • diapers & wipes
  • Pacifier
  • Bottle of water
  • Bib

My oldest is a bit easier to take anywhere (thank goodness)! I just have to make sure she has “comfy” walking shoes, deodorant, her phone and a hair tie!

My loves at the zoo

We gained easy access into the zoo, since we purchased our tickets online. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a pop up bar. The great thing about this, even though we didn’t participate, was that they informed the patrons who did that their money used to purchase their alcoholic drinks went right back into the zoo for the animals.

My girl's and I

The zoo gift shop and cafe were open as well for the evening. We also located a few ice cream stations, to cool us off if needed.

One of the highlights of attending this “special summer event” was that the zoo keepers were out talking about the animals and interacting with kids. The kids could participate in an enrichment program around each animal exhibit and earn a stamp, for that animal. It was rather cute to watch some of the toddlers/preschool age children participate. Our girls did not, one is way too young and one was “too cool” for this. We did listen in at a few exhibits though and learned a few things!

We walked around the entire zoo, stopped a few times to observe everything going on and even enjoyed the live music that was playing. All in all it was a wonderful evening at the zoo!

Tucson, AZ is hot! I mean it’s AZ, aren’t we right next to the sun?! With that being said, I love how the zoo offers evening events like this, so that we can attend during the summer months. There is no way in HELL I would go in the middle of the day, so this makes it a great opportunity for the zoo to earn money, after their typical hours, since I can almost guarantee the attendance levels double. I know our family is looking forward to attending the zoo again in the future, mostly when it cools down!

Do any of the animal education centers near you offer evening specials during their “off peak” season?