Click List with Fry’s Grocery Store

I used to love grocery shopping, it was a moment to escape my house (alone preferably), grab a cold tea or coffee and browse aisles and throw together meals in my head or find great bargains too good to pass up.

Since adding our second child to our home, I hate grocery shopping, shopping in general or pretty much trying to corral everyone in the car to run errands. Mostly because I can no longer browse, find amazing deals or stay patient long enough to get the job done under budget. Plus if I buy an iced coffee, I end up having to buy one for my husband or oldest who is with me too.

Whoever thought of online grocery shopping is my hero. The previous grocery stores we shopped at did not have this option, so I would just grin and bare it or send my husband. In the new community we live in, we have a Fry’s Marketplace with a “Click List” option, where I can shop online and pick up my groceries the same day or even schedule it for the next day. This is amazing.

I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, since I’m such a control freak with most things, but this has been AMAZING for our family. Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself going into the store once in awhile to pick up things we run out of, like milk, bread or produce. But when I need to do a large grocery order I use Click List.

I pour myself a cup of coffee, grab my laptop, the most recent sales ad and I pull up the app on my phone as well (this way I can look at coupons while shopping). I can quickly create a list off of recent purchase, recent sales or I can type something in the search bar. Being the control freak I am and having picky eaters in the house I love how I can specify on my items; “Green Banana’s Only” “Firm Tomatoes” “If unavailable, do not substitute”.

One of the reasons I LOVE this so much is because I’m a numbers person. I can add things or remove things online, once we reach our budget total or I can look for other brands or an alternative if I feel the need too. This has helped me stay on budget, which is so great for a family a four on one income, or any family on a budget.

I can see how this may seem lazy, I’m home with at least one kid all day, how do I NOT have time to run errands. Well, I do. When she isn’t napping or when we aren’t running other errands. But to be honest, this has been such a blessing for me to stay on budget, I would rather pay the cost of a small coffee at Starbucks, for someone else to do my grocery shopping.

I use the “Fry’s Food” app on my phone during the week, to add items we run out of. This way, when I use Click List, the items I know we ran out of are already on there. This helps me avoid rummaging the cupboards and fridge when I’m trying to write my grocery list at the last minute. I’ve also used it when my husband or oldest daughter say they need something, I just open up my app and add it. That helps me from playing 21 questions while writing my grocery list too.

The fee is waived for the first three Click List transactions you do. To keep my sanity, my budget in tack and my weekends free, using Click List is worth the $4.95 fee to me! It is so simple! Shop, reserve your time and order. You get a reminder email to pick up your groceries and you are all set! So simple!Screenshot_20170811-095225

If you use Click List, be sure to check your coupons for special savings events through the store. Sometimes the store will offer exclusive coupons (including free products) for using their Click List option. Totally worth it!

If you don’t have a Kroger brand market near you, have you checked out what your local grocery store offers? See if you can order your groceries online, save yourself the hassle of going into the market and keep yourself on budget. You may be surprised with their promotional savings and get a free trial for doing so!

To see if you have a Kroger brand market near you, click this link.

All opinions are my own.