My First Yoga Class

On Saturday, my friend L and I attended our first yoga class. I have practiced yoga at home, with dvd’s I purchased but I have never attended a public class. This was L’s first yoga experience though. I was excited for L, hoping she would love the the concept of this. Sure, we weren’t sweating up a storm doing a dance class this weekend, but we were still treating our bodies good with something.

I was also nervous. After hearing some horror stories of gassy slip ups when in downward dog, I knew I didn’t want that to happen to me. That would be so embarrassing. I avoided all greasy food and dairy food the day prior. Like hell was I going to give my body the opportunity to let one slip when I was bent over a yoga mat doing downward dog.

L and I showed up early, just to make sure we got a spot. The instructor let us and we let her know that this was our first time in a yoga class. The instructor proceeded to ask L if she was at least 18 and if I was her mother. I’m pretty sure I died a little in my soul. I mean, fuck I just turned 32 a couple months ago and L is turning 26 in a few days. Are you fucking kidding me? L was in absolute shock and nodded yes, she was over 18. I honestly cannot remember what I said, I was absolutely offended and I remember the instructor saying something in the lines of herself being 42 and something like that. Still in shock, I walked into the class, grabbed a mat and proceeded even though I wanted to run to the bathroom and start crying. I just this week was starting to embrace being in my 30’s with two kids and now this bitch thinks I’m old enough to have a child in her 20’s?!


The class was a little empty according to the instructor, so we got great spot in front of the instructor, laid out our mats and took off our shoes. We went through the class with minor hiccups and THANK GOODNESS no gas was expelled. I know L and I struggled with a couple different moves throughout the hour class, but all in all it was very informative and felt really nice on my body, especially after a long week with the little one.

I’m pretty sure I will go back to the Saturday morning class, knowing the instructor who offended me will not be there on a regular basis.

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