Impatiently Waiting for my Fall Fab Fit Fun Box

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. If you use the link in this article I get a portion of that sale back to my blog! Pretty cool, right?

Can you believe Summer is technically over? With Labor Day just passing and almost everyone back in school, Autumn is just a couple weeks away, it’s time to get ready for some cooler weather and warmer clothes. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I’m excited for booties, skinny jeans and extra layers of clothes! Plus, everything Pumpkin Spice!

I signed up for Fab Fit Fun subscription box back in the Spring. It was a “Push Present” to myself. I figured I deserved a year of goodies for pushing out my beautiful daughter. (Rolls eyes) Okay, these are the lies I tell myself, I just like to treat myself and will find any excuse to do so. (wink wink, nudge nudge, don’t we all?)

When I signed up for my annual membership and paid for it in advance (with a huge discount!) I became a “Select Member” and with that I get to pick a few of my items out, which is always oh so hard because they offer such cute stuff. Do you prefer the colors blush? Teal? Grey? or maybe you want to be surprised with the color scarf you get because it is THAT hard to choose just one color? I chose that option this time around because I couldn’t choose just one color. You do have the option to even buy one in each color, but my logic to this was I live in Southern AZ and really don’t need THAT many scarves. BUT I struggle with these options every season, with which color or chose I want in something, since everything is so cute!

I’m all set to receive my Fall Subscription of my Fab Fit Fun Box any day!! (Watching the mailman like crazy now!)

I love seeing what is in store each season and as I’m viewing the spoilers they provide, I always think “I totally need this in my life!” I can’t wait to show what my box is loaded with when I get it. If you can’t wait to see and want to order your own Fall Fab Fit Fun box, click this link.

If you have viewed the spoiler alerts on Facebook or IG and NEED to get your hands on your goodies now, click here!

If you want to see if it is worth your money, check out my Summer and Spring box from this year.

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