Our Review on a Baby Unicorn Hooded Towel by Cloud Island

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Our little one is growing up so quickly! She has started crawling in the past month and has recently moved onto eating real food and seems to be getting messier than ever!



On top of her evening bath every night, we have had to add a few mid morning baths to get rid of breakfast’s mess. Nothing like buttery toast or cream of wheat in your hair to make you need an extra shampooing! This girl loves her meals and takes them rather serious. Even this morning, she decided to rub cereal and banana all over herself. Oye, what a mess.

Thankfully she loves bath time, getting her hair washed and playing in her baby tub as well. When it’s time to get out of the bath, I keep her extra warm and cuddly in her newest baby towel. We received the Baby Unicorn Hooded Towel by Cloud Islands to try out with her and we adore it! It is a plush white towel, with a simple pink trim around it. It fits around her comfortably out of the bath and keeps her warm as I rinse out the tub.

The hooded towel is perfect for an infant’s little head (yes, I know it hasn’t always seemed that little…). This hooded towel is great, because it doesn’t hang to low to cover eyes. (No freak outs here, thank goodness!) It has an adorable design to represent a Unicorn and make your little one feel like one too! Okay not really, I know they are a baby and really have no clue what a Unicorn is, but heck it’s adorable!

I think my favorite part on this towel, besides how soft and cozy it is,  is the gold Unicorn horn! I mean come on, how stinking cute is this?IMG_20170828_191503458

The Baby Unicorn Hooded towel also has pretty bright eyes, a pink mane of hair, cute little ears and a cute little muzzle!

We have washed it a few times and I have to say, it has held up well! I was nervous the gold horn would look worn out after a few washings, but it still looks as great as when we received it over a month ago! This has been our go to towel, due to the softness and plushness of the towel. The little one seems to like it too!

This Baby Unicorn Hooded Towel would make a great gift for a baby shower or an infant’s birthday! I know this will be on our gift giving guide for all upcoming baby showers! It’s just sooooo cute! (Can they make this in my size already?!)

You can order yours at Target.com using this link!

I received this item for free from the Hey! Bullseye program, for the purpose of my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own!