LipSense Review & Exclusive Discount

Have you heard of Lipsense? I have heard so many of my beautiful friends and family talk about Lipsense and long it lasts! I honestly had no clue what it was! I was a Lipsense virgin up until this week!

I thought I should  give it a whirl, since almost everyone I know LOVES it and is raving about it in all my newsfeeds. I have to see what the fuss is for myself. Plus, I’m a huge fan of lipstick, I currently have 12 different brands of lipsticks in my make-up bag. For me, putting lipstick and mascara on just makes me feel like I’m good to go and can accomplish anything that day!

The assortment of colors offered are outstanding! I’m a huge fan of bright reds year round and merlot’s for Fall/Winter. I chose to go with Mulled Wine when I ordered Lipsense, it just caught my eye on the website. Let me know what you think!

As soon as I got this past weekend, I tested it out. Wow, this is so much more different than my usual wax based lipstick. I actually had to read instructions on how to apply it.

Step 1.) Prep- I cleaned my lips off, let them dry and shook the bottle of Lipsense

Step 2.) Apply- I was instructed to apply Lipsense in one direction (for someone reason I found this incredibly hard, even after several more applications I goofed on this in my video!) It has a tingly feeling, almost like your lips are drying out & puckering up. I was also instructed to let this dry, without my lips touching… again Lipsense virgin here, totally goofed that up too…

Step 3.) Apply some more – Continue to apply, dry and apply again. For a total of three coats of Lipsense.

Step 4.) Gloss – Apply the gloss about 5 seconds after your last coat of Lipsense and you ready to have kissable lips all day long! You can also use the gloss to retouch throughout the day for added shine.

VIOLA! Beautiful lips to last me ALLLLLL Day long! No really, it does!!

Lipsense Product Review
Mulled Wine Lipsense

If you think you want to try Lipsense or if you already are an addict to Lipsense, head over to this website and use the code: bloggymoms15 for a 15% discount!

I received a free product courtesy of for the purpose of my review. All opinions are 100% my own.