8 Baby Items You Should be Cleaning

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Flu season is upon us, more so in other states than here in Southern Arizona, but it will show it’s ugliness soon. I’m worried our girls will catch the flu this year, so I’ve been on top of cleaning baby items around our house we don’t typically think about cleaning, in an effort to ward off any and all germs. Don’t forget to stock up on all your healthcare needs now, Target is offering a $5 gift card when you spend $20 on healthcare products until 10/28! Use this link here.

1.) Grocery cart cover – I’m a germaphobe when it comes to grocery carts, people can put nasty things on those. If I’m by myself or even have the baby in our baby carrier, I wipe down any part of the cart I’m touching with a antibacterial wipe. If the store is out of those, I use a baby wipe! When I’m not carrying our baby in the ergo, I use a grocery cart cover. It’s so easy to forget about these and just throw it back into your car when you are done, so that you have it next shopping trip. I’ve made it a habit to wash these at least once a month! Can you imagine all the germs on them?

2.) Fabric Toys – Our youngest daughter is at the age where everything goes in her mouth, including any and all toys. So with the fabric toys, stuffed animals, I wipe them down or even throw them in the washer. Some of these can be machine washable but some aren’t, so be careful with them and read your instructions.

3.) Plastic toys – Again, everything goes in our youngest daughter’s mouth, so I fill up a sink of hot soapy water and wash all the toys that don’t require batteries. If a toy does require a battery or would be ruined in sink of hot water, I use a clorox wipe to disinfect. This is something I do before and after all playdates.

4.) The Stroller – Sometimes these just get disgusting, so they need to be wiped down when it’s noticeable. We use our jogging stroller almost daily and man is it nasty by the end of the week. I use clorox wipes to wipe down the plastic parts and then I vacuum the fabric, to get crumbs, dirt/sand and whatever else is on it.

5.) Baby Carrier- We use our baby carriers alot and they can get dirty pretty quickly.  I try to wash this as soon as I notice dirt/drool stains on it but on average it is once a month.

6.) Nursery Furniture – About once a month I wipe down the crib, nightstand, changing table and dresser in our youngest’s room, just to rid of whatever funk she has left behind. Obviously if something is noticeably dirty or um… poopy, it’s cleaned up, this is just a quick clorox wipe to rid of any other funk and dust.

7.) Diaper Bag – Okay, this is sometimes the least obvious thing to clean, but think about it…… You put it on the floor, on the floor of the car, in a grocery cart, on the floor of a public bathroom as you search for a diaper….then you may even put poopy/piss stained clothes in because you can’t bring yourself to throw it away. So don’t forget to wash the diaper bag and the changing pad! If it’s not machine washable  then you will want to wipe it down with clorox wipes, lysol spray or some sort of disinfectant OFTEN. I recommend once a week but you could do once a month if you can’t find the time. (ALWAYS check your label on how to properly clean your diaper bag)

8.) Bottle Drying Rack – Have you washed your bottle drying rack since purchasing it? If you haven’t and you go look at it, you may notice a type of mold growing on it. Be sure to wash this weekly and let it dry completely after each use. If not, the water doesn’t escape the try and can grow mold and funk….you don’t want that so close to those precious baby bottles.

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What are things you don’t typically clean, but probably should?