Winter Box Spoiler Alert – Fab Fit Fun

I love my subscription to Fab Fit Fun! Every season, I get a new box filled with over $200 worth of goodies for $49.99! (I paid for a year in advance and received a discount of $20 off the whole year and I only paid $179.99 which breaks down to $44.99 a box! More on why I chose a year in advance below ⇓)

The Winter box has been kept quiet up until this week! We received TWO spoiler alerts this week and the items look fabulous! 23117117_147156306016234_5108052852975571988_oI’m so excited for the BB Dakota Poncho, it is perfect for winter here in the Southwest and will be great for those in much colder states to layer. It comes in three colors and if you are a select member (paid for the yearly membership upfront) of Fab Fit Fun you get to choose which color poncho you would like this season along with many other personalization options.

23000225_147156302682901_8567042313276386469_oThe other item that was revealed is a FULL bottle of the award winning Kate Somerville Skincare Exfolikate. Exfoliating during winter is important to keep your skin looking great and glowing. With such harsh weather outside, it takes a toll on our skin and exfoliating with Kate Somerville’s Skincare items will keep your face beautiful and bright all season long, so you look amazing in every holiday photo!


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