Keeping a clean house as a busy mom

Mama, I see you! Trying to keep a clean house, take care of yourself, make meals, take your children to activities, work a full time job, and still try to be sane. Although, I will say we are super-women 😉 you just can’t do it all! I only have a 2 year old little boy and I get burnt out. I want to make life easier for YOU! If you missed my post about creating a morning routine you can read that here. A morning routine is essential for a busy mom to have a productive day and keep a clean home! I have 5 simple tips to help you keep a clean home and stay sane all at the same time! Let’s get to it.

  1. Clean as you go. It is so easy to pile the dishes in the sink and leave them until later. You swear you’re going to wash the dishes tonight and then you get home and all you want to do is rest, been there. Day after day the dishes pile up and it becomes overwhelming. So instead of letting those dishes pile up, when you have an extra 5 minutes after breakfast in the morning then wash a couple dishes. The same goes for picking up toys, hanging up the towels back on the rack, starting a load of laundry. If you have a little bit of extra time then use it to tidy up a bit.
  2. Delegate what you cannot get done. I am guilty of doing everything myself because I want it to be done a certain way. Ask your husband or your teenager to load the dishwasher or switch the laundry. There are so many simple tasks that can be delegated, but we choose to do it ourselves. Anyone else guilty of doing everything themselves because they want it done a certain way? This will lighten your load and ultimately help you get the things done that take a little more effort.
  3. Routinely declutter. Somehow we accumulate so much stuff, especially when you have kids! We just moved and decluttered so much before moving and even during the unpacking process. You can read about our process here. Declutter one room a week until the decluttering is complete. Go through the old clothes you have, your children’s clothes that they have outgrown, your garage, etc. A decluttered house is a decluttered mind!
  4. Plan out your week in advance. Knowing your schedule ahead of time is going to help with 1. sanity and 2. keeping a clean home. How does this help with keeping a clean home, Kristi? Well, knowing you schedule ahead of time helps you know what time you have to get things done around that schedule. So plan ahead. Put a calendar on the refrigerator. You get it.
  5. Create a cleaning system that works. Maybe your system looks like- Sunday grocery shop, Monday empty the dishwasher, Tuesday Vacuum, Wednesday laundry, and so on. Do the same routine week after week so you know what needs to be done every day and the tasks do not become overwhelming and daunting.

My rule of thumb (that you can use too) to keeping a clean and tidy home is clean counters and no dishes in the sink before I go to bed every single night. I am a stickler on everything has a home and put it where it belongs after using it. You got this!

Cheering you on!!!!

-Kristi XO

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