Our Review on a Baby Unicorn Hooded Towel by Cloud Island

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Our little one is growing up so quickly! She has started crawling in the past month and has recently moved onto eating real food and seems to be getting messier than ever!



On top of her evening bath every night, we have had to add a few mid morning baths to get rid of breakfast’s mess. Nothing like buttery toast or cream of wheat in your hair to make you need an extra shampooing! This girl loves her meals and takes them rather serious. Even this morning, she decided to rub cereal and banana all over herself. Oye, what a mess.

Thankfully she loves bath time, getting her hair washed and playing in her baby tub as well. When it’s time to get out of the bath, I keep her extra warm and cuddly in her newest baby towel. We received the Baby Unicorn Hooded Towel by Cloud Islands to try out with her and we adore it! It is a plush white towel, with a simple pink trim around it. It fits around her comfortably out of the bath and keeps her warm as I rinse out the tub.

The hooded towel is perfect for an infant’s little head (yes, I know it hasn’t always seemed that little…). This hooded towel is great, because it doesn’t hang to low to cover eyes. (No freak outs here, thank goodness!) It has an adorable design to represent a Unicorn and make your little one feel like one too! Okay not really, I know they are a baby and really have no clue what a Unicorn is, but heck it’s adorable!

I think my favorite part on this towel, besides how soft and cozy it is,  is the gold Unicorn horn! I mean come on, how stinking cute is this?IMG_20170828_191503458

The Baby Unicorn Hooded towel also has pretty bright eyes, a pink mane of hair, cute little ears and a cute little muzzle!

We have washed it a few times and I have to say, it has held up well! I was nervous the gold horn would look worn out after a few washings, but it still looks as great as when we received it over a month ago! This has been our go to towel, due to the softness and plushness of the towel. The little one seems to like it too!

This Baby Unicorn Hooded Towel would make a great gift for a baby shower or an infant’s birthday! I know this will be on our gift giving guide for all upcoming baby showers! It’s just sooooo cute! (Can they make this in my size already?!)

You can order yours at Target.com using this link!

I received this item for free from the Hey! Bullseye program, for the purpose of my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own! 


The New Omni 360 by Ergobaby 

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When we added another child to our family, I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to handle my everyday tasks, take care of my oldest daughter and take care of this new bundle of joy. Babywearing has been a sanity saver for myself as I transition from one kid to two kids. Honestly without it, I don’t think I would get anything done around my house, ever.

I have tried a few different baby carriers since having my youngest daughter and I have found better features at different stages for her. We started with a “Ring Sling”, while she was a newborn and then switched to an Original Ergobaby but forgot to purchase the insert to hold her in the Original Ergobaby at the newborn stages, so we ended up waiting until she was older to use it. I had hoped we would find a carrier that would hold her from the newborn stage into toddlerhood without the fuss and extra cost of purchasing a newborn insert, I also had hoped to find a carrier that was more comfortable for us, when holding the baby as she grows.

Ergobaby has listened to their customers and created an infant carrier that does all this and more. We were recently chosen to try out the new Ergobaby Omni 360 and I honestly, I was so excited because I do love my Original Ergobaby and was curious at what has changed to improve the carrier. My husband and I tested it out, since he will wear the baby on walks or when running errands, I was just as eager to see what he thought.

Ergo OmniMy Husband’s Review: “This baby carrier is more comfortable than the other carrier we have. It has lumbar support and padded shoulders, which is alot more comfortable for me and I think it is more comfortable for the baby as well. She seems to like looking out of the carrier, instead of always being against my chest. This is my favorite carrier and I really like how we can carry her more than one way.”

My review: “I love the dark blue on this carrier, it however won’t hide spit up like the tan carrier. I love the pocket option, to store my cell phone when I’m babywearing. I love the lumbar support, it is very helpful along with the padded shoulder straps. The baby can face out or in, which is great to have these options for her as she grows and gets more curious. I love how it can be used from the newborn stages up until she is a toddler. The carrier is the most versatile carrier on the market, with the ability to carry your child from birth to toddlerhood and in different positions.”

We have even had a few people show interest in the carrier, as we have walked around testing it out.

Searching for a baby carrier can be a daunting task, you have so many wants and few carriers offer everything on your list. I have listed a few key points about the Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier:

  • Ergonomic, forward facing option (and easy to switch!)
  • Adjustable from newborn to toddler (7 to 33 LBS)
  • Lumbar support for extra back comfort
  • Includes detachable storage pouch
  • Crossable straps
  • Padded Straps
  • Forward Front Facing
  • Head to chest facing
  • Hip Carry
  • Back Carry
  • Hip Healthy M-Shape Position for baby
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Washable Material
  • Sleek design
  • Simple, yet stylish deisgn

We really love the Omni 360 Ergobaby carrier, compared to our Original Ergobaby, mostly for the fact it can be used from birth to toddler years, it is padded and offers more support than the Original carrier which provides great lumbar support for the adult carrying the infant. This should be a must on every parent’s registry, new parent or seasoned parent!

Upclose of the Omni 360

When you decide to babywear, you are providing comfort and love to your infant, in the simplest way possible. I think our bond is much closer with our little one, thanks to babywearing.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier, use this link.

Seventh Generation New Baby Sample Kit

I love all things Seventh Generation. Some products more than others, but I’m in absolute love with the new Seventh Generation Coconut Care collection they have baby!

We have purchased their diapers since our little one was born, which we absolutely love! The diapers are chemical free, chlorine free, fragrance free. No lotions are added to the diapers to make them appear soft, they just are soft. I love how durable they are. There is nothing like a leaky diaper in the middle of the night to wake up baby (or the whole house for that matter). We’ve also have dealt with a few “blow outs” while traveling, yet these diapers don’t let a THING out! It’s amazing. It’s almost like they are magic. A magic leak proof diaper. I also love how these diapers pull away the wetness. That is just amazing, how my daughter’s skin isn’t damp when she pees in a Seventh Generation diaper. Again, magic….


I love the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby wipes. They are so sturdy, I don’t have to worry about getting ANYTHING on my hands when I use these. I have tried other baby wipes, per a recommendation of a friend and I totally regret purchasing those wipes in bulk, because I ended up wasting them. I would have to use 10 wipes to clean a poopy diaper, compared to one or two of the Seventh Generation Free & Clear Baby wipes. My sample kit provided me two wipes, in a sample pouch and I just love them. Seriously best baby wipe on the  market! You can order your’s on Amazon Prime, which makes life so much more simple!

The Coconut Care collection is wonderful and we were eager to try it out! It is complete with Shampoo, Lotion and Diaper cream. All of the Coconut Care Collection products are made with organic coconut oil, USDA certified Biobased, cruelty free products and pediatrician tested for your little one’s use. I love how gentle the products are on my little girls skin, I think these are great for a babies delicate fresh skin. The Coconut Care products do have a slight coconut scent. The lotion is easy to apply, it has a very smooth consistency. We do love the shampoo, my only complaint on that is the pump does not pop back up after each pump, so I have to manually do that. The diaper cream is a little oily, but that helps protect from any diaper rash! We have been using it for 3 of our daughter’s 4 months of life and she has not had a diaper rash!

I received the following items for free in my New Baby Welcome Kit:

  • 2 Free & Clear Size 2 Seventh Generation Diapers
  • Free & Clear Sample of Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
  • Seventh Generation Coconut Care Lotion
  • Coupons for a discount on full size products

We received a Seventh Generation New Baby Sample Kit for free, for the purpose of my review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Seventh Generation Baby Care Sample Kit

I’ve been a Generation Good member for awhile now and I love this program for so many reasons. I get to participate in great discussions, sample new products and score great coupons.

I was selected to sample the Seventh Generation Baby Care Sample Kit, it is loaded with great products for our newbie! With a new baby in the house you want nothing but the best for your baby and their sensitive skin.

This kit is loaded with great products by Seventh Generation and awesome coupons to purchase more great products. We received a package of two diapers, size 1. These seem really durable and have an adorable print on them! No leaks, no blow outs and so far are working out great for our little one. The diapers are made without chemicals or dyes, yet these diapers are soft and gentle on our newborn’s skin! We feel at ease using these diapers, knowing they are safer and more gentle on our little one’s skin.

We were provided a sample of Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Wipes, which are unscented baby wipes. These wipes are durable and strong enough to wipe away the poopiest of messes! Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear Wipes are free of fragrances and dyes, which is great for anyone’s sensitive skin!

Our Baby Care Sample Kit also included a sample of the NEW Seventh Generation Coconut Care Moisture Lotion. The Coconut Care line is made with Pure Coconut Oil and comes in Moisture Lotion, Foaming Shampoo & Wash and Diaper Cream. The Moisture Lotion we have sampled is very smooth and gentle on our newborns skin. It is sure nourishing her skin, during this cold winter. I love the scent of the Moisture Lotion, it is soft with a hint of coconut. It is not over powering and I like the smell.

You can sign up to be a Generation Good here and take part in all the great discussions, sign up for promotions, coupons and Free Samples!!

I received this kit for free, for the purpose of my review. All opinions are my own.

Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes

I’m a huge fan of Seventh Generation products. I’ve been using them for about 7 years now and was recently introduced to the baby line!

I received a sample of Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes for free, to test out and see how gentle these are for a baby’s sensitive skin and yet how sturdy they are to wipe away diaper messes. A great thing about baby wipes, you can use them for just about anything, which is awesome. Messy face, use a baby wipe. Messy hands from a sandbox, use a baby wipe. Messy feet from the beach, use a baby wipe. Quick bath….use a baby wipe. They are so versatile. I’ve even heard of people using them on the interior of their vehicles, to wipe down furniture and so forth.

The thing I love most about Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes is that they are hypoallergenic, free of fragrances, free of dyes, free of parabens and phthalates and never tested on animals. These are made for the sensitive skin of your baby but thick enough to get the mess taken care of and you don’t have to use half the container.

My sister in law has used Seventh Generation Free & Clear Wipes on her son for awhile and loves how sturdy the baby wipe for her toddler. She loves that they are safe for sensitive skin, which most babies have, and how convenient she can pick them up at her local stores.

You can purchase these at most local retailers and or even order them at GroveCollaborative.Com and have them delivered right to your front door!

All opinions expressed are my own. I received this product for free for the purpose my review.