Testing out a New Dog Harness

We have three dogs in our family, that range in a few different sizes. Our smallest and oldest is our Chihuahua, Duchess. Then our oldest daughter has a dog, my husband adopted for her, that is a Chihuahua and Japanese Chin mixed, Candy Cane. We adopted Elvis, he is a puggle and my furry baby before our baby arrived.

With all of the dogs and our chaotic life at times, sometimes walking them gets pushed aside. To make things easier on our oldest, while walking her dog around the neighborhood, we ordered a new dog harness to keep her dog safer.

When I say safer, what I mean is her dog likes to escape. She escapes under our fence and runs around the block, she has escaped out of a collar while on the leash so the harness is necessary.

The dog harness is easy to use, the mesh harness is comfortable on the dog, there is an adjustable strap that goes around her chest so we can tighten it or loosen it if necessary. The mesh harness is sturdy for a small dog, she is able to run and jump in it as well.

We originally ordered a medium dog harness for Elvis, the puggle, but obviously it was too small for him. When ordering a harness, be sure to measure your dog first, prior to placing the order. Order yours https://babiesrhere.com/products/adjustable-comfort-soft-breathable-dog-harness-pet-vest-rope-dog-chest-strap-leash-set-harness .

I received this item free for my review, I just paid for shipping charges. 




Summer Fab Fit Fun Box Has Arrived!

EEEKKKK!!! I’m so excited for the Summer 2017 Fab Fit Fun box! I love being a member of Fab Fit Fun, they really have so much to offer to their members! I signed up for a year of service and that gave me select access, which means I get to customize my seasonal box, just enough to make it fit my needs but still provide some surprises! I also get access to Fab Fit Fun TV which offers workouts, recipes and DIY tutorials.

The Summer edition is my 2nd box from Fab Fit Fun and I love it! I was able to choose a few items to customize and make my Summer edition box perfect for me, one of the choices was which color BKR bottle I prefer, between Romeo and Rosy, I chose Rosy! IF you don’t have BKR bottle, you are missing out!

Rosy bkr bottle

I won’t leave the house without one! They hold up to 500 mL of water and are easy to refill. BKR is made of glass with a sleek silicone cover to protect it, so when I toss it in my bag, it is safe!

I was able to choose if I wanted something travel related, artistic or chef inspired or I could choose “Surprise Me”. I of course chose the chef inspiration, due to the love I have for cooking and I received the Himalayan Pink Salt Kit. Honestly, this is something I would not have picked up on my own, but I’m excited to try in my new kitchen soon!

Another option I got to choose, was which color Ruana by Michael Stars I wanted in my box, I chose the blue printed one, since I normally choose black for my clothing. I figured to add some blue in would be my “pop” of color this season! (Ha!) I’ve watched the handy video Fab Fit Fun has on the different ways to wear this thing…..I felt kind of weird trying it on as a scarf, so I think just as a cover up for my swimsuit or even over a tank and short outfit will suffice.

I was able to choose a fitness surprise or a beauty surprise. I knew hey would include some beauty options so I wanted to see what the “Fitness” surprise was. I’m not disappointed whatsoever. They included a Soothe and Cool Massage Oil to help after a workout! Since my body has been aching with ANY fitness I do, this is perfect. It smells lovely too!

The last option I got to choose was what color stone necklace by Kris Nations I wanted, and at this point I still wanted some surprise in the box, so I chose “SURPRISE ME!” and I love the color stone necklace they sent me. I received the Peach Moonstone, which is very delicate. I don’t wear much jewelry these days, with the little one grabbing everything she can, so I will save this for a special night out.

Other items included in the Summer edition are just perfect for summer! Juice Beauty is a great line of facial creams and I love the moisturizer I have, so I’m super excited to try the Smoothing Eye Concentrate on my dark circles! Cargo Cosmetics HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze was included, this is something I would never purchase myself but really want to try it! I also received an Ultra Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50 by Eau Thermale Avène, which is perfect for poolside in this Arizona sun! The box also comes with a handy paper, that lists all the products, their retail value and how to use some of the things that were sent!


Bottom line, the 2017 Summer Edition of the Fab Fit Fun box is perfect for anyone wanting to gift themselves a subscription box that gifts tons of exciting products! It will keep you stylish, healthy and with GREAT looking skin!

Score $10 off your subscription box by using the code: SUMMERLOVE

All opinions expressed are my own, I am a member of Fab Fit Fun Affiliate program as of July 2017! Any links clicked and subscribed, I receive a commission off of. 

The Noggle

I don’t know if you have heard of this ingenious invention, The Noggle. It is absolutely the greatest thing ever, if you don’t have AC vents in your back seat.

I had put this on our baby registry, while I was pregnant, even though my husband said we didn’t need one for the SUV. Oh but we do. I know being in the backseat is dreadful if there aren’t any air vents, however to be facing the other way, blocked by a car seat would be even worse. Especially since it is “Summer Weather” 9 out of the 12 months in Southern Arizona.

We went to a few different stores in Tucson, looking for The Noggle. It was such a popular item, however most places don’t carry it in store, but online. Look, it was 95 degrees outside, we needed this in order to survive at this point. We finally found it at a boutique baby store, paid for it and installed it in the parking lot. I could feel cold air in the back seat finally while sitting next to the baby in the car seat. We had it pointed towards her, but I was reaping the benefits too. Needless to say, we made it home calmly.

I chose the 6 foot Noggle, they also come in an 8 foot option. We felt this would work best for our family, if you are to purchase look at the difference to see what is best for you and yours. We can now enjoy our Summer road trips with a cooler car for everyone!

Just so you don’t have to drive all around town this summer looking for The Noggle, I have included a link to order one on Amazon!

This review is based on my own opinions and contains affiliate links with Amazon.

Spring Fab Fit Fun Box 2017

I opened up my Spring 2017 Fab Fit Fun box and I have so many goodies to share with you! I was impressed with the price of this box, it is very reasonable compared to other subscriptions I have purchased. The amount of goodies enclosed are great, they are trending, full size products, unique and great brands! You can read the review or watch the video here !


The first item I’m going to gush about is the Gypsie 05 Roundie. It really is versatile, you can use it as a beach blanket, picnic blanket, hang it on your wall, across your couch or love seat or like me use it as a cute table cloth! wp-1490641089610.jpg

I really love the “Resting Beach Face” zip pouch by Milly. It is great for wet swimsuits if you are traveling to the beach or local pool. However, I will most likely be using mine for all my makeup or beauty products when traveling. However, I’m starting to think it would work great in my diaper bag!

The Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning spray will be great on my mom hair, but it will also work for my tweens sun beaten hair when she hangs out at the pool all summer. The Fab Fit Fun box also included a hydrating face mask, this will be great to use when I get time alone to pamper myself, if I don’t use it soon, my tween will find it and try it out. It looks like a luxurious mask though, at a retail value of $28 a box, it is supposed to hydrate my dull skin back to a glowing silky smooth face.

Apparently Spring is the time to rejuvenate your skin back to life, from a cold dry winter. Got it. They included Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator to help me out with this. This is $79 a bottle and is supposed to leave my skin bright, smooth and healthy looking. Totally looking forward to this!

I was really impressed with the Lip Kit by Realher. I received it in Neutral pink (Women Rule the World edition), which is probably best for my skin tone. I thought the packaging was adorable on each lip stick item, with a cute saying. I’m a sucker for that stuff. The nail polish in the kit is great for Spring too! I received the Like a Virgin(white) and Shape of my heart (blush) duo. They are the perfect shades for spring outfits.

The jewelry item in this box is adorable. I was so happy to get the “Joshua Tree” bracelet by Emerald Duv, rather than the earring set. This bracelet acts like a cuff, it is going to go with so many of my outfits during Spring and Summer. I think it is simple and can totally be paired with other bracelets and articles of jewelry with no problem. I also received Nature’s Bounty Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins….they do not taste like strawberries, but they aren’t horrible.

The retail value of this whole box would be around $370, however I paid for the full year subscription, which set me back $179.99 for four seasonal boxes. I really enjoy getting spoiled once a season with great products, this was really fun to open and unveil. I totally look forward to what the other seasons have to offer too! Keep it simple, sign up for your own subscription box!

<3, K

All opinions expressed are my own! 

My Final Box of Style Review

Today is the first day of Spring! What a great day to order your own Spring edition Box of Style! I’m giving you details below on why this is the best box I have received, during my year of subscriptions. While on vacation with my girls during spring break, my final box of style was delivered. I couldn’t wait to get home to rip it open and check out everything included.

This past Saturday, I finally had enough energy to open my spring Box of Style. (Traveling with a newborn and tween, is another blog!) I knew what was included in the box but there is something about seeing it all in person, that makes you happy! Unboxing the Box of Style is rather fun though, since each item is individually wrapped in tissue paper.

I think my favorite piece in this collection is the Tribe Alive custom carryall bag, the print is gorgeous for spring and will take me into summer as well. Being a mom of two girls, it is important for me to have a durable bag along with a bag that is big enough to carry all their stuff too! I look forward to using this for a couple seasons. Another one of my favorite items this season, is the BKR glass and silicone water bottle, I can never have enough water bottles! We live in Southern Arizona, I find it essential to stay hydrated and what better way to do that than with an adorable reusable water bottle?

The spring Box of Style also included a few items I have never used before or wouldn’t buy myself, yet I’m looking forward to trying them out.  I have never heard of Rice Enzyme Powder, but I received a full size of it by Tatcha. It states it is to exfoliate my skin, perfect for spring! (We shall see). I also received a bottle of Butter London nail polish, I have never used this brand and I’m looking forward to trying it out. The color is that of a soft pink almost, perfect for spring! I also received a scarf in the spring Box of Style, I live in Southern Arizona, this isn’t really practical to wear out and about this time of year, so I will be attaching it to my new Tribe Alive bag or my Christmas/Push present I was gifted, from my husband! 

As a member of Box of Style, I was given the option to choose the color of earrings I want or to be surprised. Since these are a bit out of my normal style, I thought I would get crazy and let them choose for me. I received gold and I’m excited to try them out both ways, either as a stud or with the hoop! 

This season’s box also included a sponsored item, which is a Stella Artois Chalice. Stella and water.org partnered together, to promote the awareness of safe clean water. Every limited edition chalice sold helps provide 5 years of clean water for 1 person in the developing world. (I’ve seen Matt Damon’s commercial talking about this too!)

I also received a special gift, for being a subscription member for a year too! This, however, was my last box of style in my subscription. Looking back, I have received several items I loved and several I didn’t care for this past year. I’m 31 years old and a mother of two girls, my style is simple and not flashy. I have enjoyed the perks of receiving trendy seasonal items and trying (and falling in love with) new items.

If you are looking to spoil yourself and want to be on trend each season, then the Box of Style annual subscription is so for you! If you just want to test out one box before you commit to a year, you will enjoy 1 seasonal box of your choice with trending items, worth well over $400 in each box you can purchase just 1 box at a time.

Get $20 off your Annual Subscription with this code: BOSSP20

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Click this link to head over and order your subscription!

<3, K

 This is my personal review, all opinions expressed are my own.


I Lost my Battle with Lularoe….

Let me explain how this happened after first declaring I was anti-Lularoe BS for awhile. 

Since EARLY 2016, I have been invited to so many Lularoe parties! For my first Lularoe invite, sadly I couldn’t attend. Then, I got invited to another and another. Before I knew it, every damn Facebook event I had was a freaking Lularoe party! 

No! No! No! I don’t need $25 leggings that “feel like buttah”!!! I don’t want to look at that cute dress or maxi skirt in person or try it on. Leave me alone and lularoe the fuck off! 

But then, this past week, I had a weakness. I had been invited to yet another Lularoe online party. I was nursing the little one so I had one hand free and I figured I would just scroll through all the 1001 post’s of funky prints. 

Oh wow, that’s cute. I thought. Next Facebook post….

Then I was tagged on Facebook to enter a contest. Sure, why the fuck not.

 Oh snap, I won! 

Then I got tagged on Facebook, again, for another contest. I won that one too. 

Well, if I have $10 off, I might as well shop. I’m nursing, again, why not. Oh those are cute. 

So I messaged the host, asking how the hell do I order a pair, I’m in between sizes since popping this baby out. She gave me her recommendations. I obliged and went to “claim” these cute leggings….

I do love them. I don’t know if it’s the print I love more or the way they feel. They also make my butt look good. That means alot to me. I’m all about that ass…. 

I’m not going to sell you on their softness, uniqueness or that they “feel like buttah”. I will tell you, I am now addicted and want all the leggings with funky and cute prints. I will tell you, the person selling these to you, is just trying to make a living. I will tell you that the outfit you pick is going to be amazing and unique, just like you. And if you don’t like the leggings, mail them to me. 

So if I have intrigued your interest and you are going to come to the bright, funky printed and uniqueness loving Lularoe side, check out my friends online group here. Or email her, here

Seriously, like buttah…… #Lularoe 

*A note from Joni: Free leggings for hosting. (Keep that addiction strong). Free item for every ten sold (any item) 30%off any additional items you purchase. 50% an item for every person who hosts a party from your party. 50% has to be used at their party. The lularoe culture is about loving and giving and bringing together women. Personal styling and face to face customer service is how they do business. Consultants do online parties but you can’t beat the experience of the home pop up. Friends trying on clothes with friends and enjoying some wine and tunes! It really boosts your confidence when you feel good. Plus this business has allowed over 30,000 consultants and their husbands quit their 9-5 and be home with their kids full time. One more thing…same price for every woman’s size!!! No gouging for plus sizes.

If you have any further questions about Lularoe please contact Joni or Gayle at:  Lularoegayleandjoni@gmail.com