We Moved….across the State!

WE DID IT!!!!!! 

We moved EAST!! Well, not the East coast like we wished and wanted, but to Eastern Arizona, which is absolutely beautiful!

From here to there….

Mr. M got a promotion, permitting we relocate, which lead to this crazy move and an experience of our lifetime. I accepted a job, as well, even though I took a pay cut from a job I enjoyed (mostly my co-workers and the pay), the hours are pretty awesome at this new job, which means more time with kiddo. We have been here a week as of today and we are adjusting for the most part. SJ is visiting with her dad and his family for the remaining part of Summer, so we are adjusting to this house and the area with out her. Sad and lonely without her, but thankfully she didn’t have to help unpack all these boxes…..well, honestly I think I’m the only one who has unpacked them. WTF…..

Moving is never easy, thankfully Mr. M and I can have some comedic relief with all the struggles that occur….

I love this man!
We can do it! 

For instance why is moving NEVER easy? Let’s trying to move a super large refrigerator out of our kitchen, onto a moving truck around 11PM on a Thursday, after removing the FRONT DOOR, taking off handles on the fridge and finally getting it onto the truck, to realize it doesn’t fit with all our junk! WTF! Mr. M and I cannot get the damn thing off the truck now, THANKFULLY his friend D came by to rescue us! So we left the refrigerator with the house we are selling. Needless to say, the rental truck we received, was way too small for all our junk and we MUST go back to pick it up soon. But hey, no worries, we got the important things…beds, my clothes, the dogs and the kid!

Packing, not bad, right? F*&@ that, oh how I now LOATHE packing. Mr. M was away at training, SJ was with her dad’s family so I had the task to do, alone, after work and whatever else I had going on. At first I thought, oh not that bad, I can handle this. PSSH, yeah right. I was packing up until the day we were moving. WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH S&%T!?!?!?!

Renting, we are going from being home owners to the almost perfect house we loved, to renting a not so perfect house we like. MY biggest problem(so far), the lack of closet space in this rental and SJ hates the smaller bedroom, but we are making this work for the time being. Oh you would think Mr. M and I would have viewed the rental in person before forking over a deposit and rent money, oh that would have been smart, but being a good 5 hours away from where we were moving, we did not. Thank you internet! We finally decided on a place the WEEK we were moving and got everything squared away with the rent, utilities and transferring everything to our new home.

Large Owned Closet
Goodbye my large closet…..
Hello super tiny small closet….

Owning and Renting at the same……. SUCKS a fat one. We are still in the process of trying to sell our home, which is frustrating when it seems to have been on the market forever!!! Okay, just over a month now, but ugh. Hopefully being vacant will do the trick. It is frustrating, paying the mortgage on an empty house and paying rent which is actually more than our mortgage payment (hah, that burns), on a house that is “meh”.

Schooling, new school for SJ and new college to finish my degree, eventually…… SJ is going to be attending 5th grade soon, BUT I apparently am running out of time to get her enrolled. School starts soon. I KNOW I WILL GET IT DONE, but jeez, how did I let this get by me?? #momproblems

wpid-img_20150704_143656.jpgMomma & Daughter day out (Well at least a few hours). So, no move would be complete without saying F^%$ it and taking a time out from unpacking to go get a mani & pedi with SJ. We were able to take a destresser from it all, Mr. M dropped us off while he ran to Lowe’s to get a few things we needed. We all then went shopping for things we needed for the house, including bargain shopping at Target and Big Lots. We managed to pick up some fireworks for the 4th of July, per SJ’s request. Yet, we couldn’t locate a freaking lighter when the sun went down. Go figure, you need one of those to set off explosives in the front yard.

Coffee, helps me move better

What is exciting about all of this, even though it is stressful? For me, it is to go though this new journey with my best friend, Mr. M. He is my rock during all the small frustrating moments and always there to laugh with me when things get crazy and hectic, plus we really do enjoy one’s company. Living in Arizona, wasn’t apart of our dream, but we are here and making the best out of it. The weather on the Eastern side of the state of Arizona is much more cooler and beautiful than the Western side and we are enjoying Monsoon season right now. We are not as close to California or the beach (the only reason we would go to California in my opinion) but we are closer to SJ’s dad and his family, which means less traveling for the little girl and more frequent visits. The beautiful weather means we can do more outside together. We are all excited to start over and start fresh with our lives, explore more outside and with the quirky towns nearby. So to this, I close to go off for an adventure…..after another cup of coffee…or two.

– K

Sunset on the Fourth of July